EDD Unit 1: Game Design

Designing and building a custom game in the Makerspace


Welcome back to the Lathrop Engineering Lab!  Everyone in this class has had a wide range of engineering experiences, and our first unit will give you a chance to get back into the lab and remember (or learn) how to use some of our tools. For this unit, your job is to make your own custom version of some type of game! As you do this, you’ll be expected to:

  • Clearly select a game to create and sketch a picture
  • Make a plan for how you can build it using at least 3 machines in our lab
  • Build the game, provide and receive feedback on games

In addition to our engineering work, we’ll also do some small work to think about applying to colleges and scholarships.  While you’re budgeting time for your game creation, you also need to do two college tasks.

  • College Task 1: Write a personal resume
  • College Task 2: Request 3 copies of your official transcript

When you’re done, you’ll have your own new board game and a start on the college process!


(20 pts) About 1 days

Every good project starts by clearly defining the problem.  In this first part you’ll create a design brief that outlines the problem you are tackling as well as the criteria and constraints you are working with.


(40 pts) About 7 days

Most of your time will be spent building your game!  You’ll need to make a good plan with some sketches, and then build a nice version of your game using at least three machines in the makerspace.


(10 pts) About 2 days*

While all that’s going on, you need to budget time to complete two tasks. First, you’ll need to follow some guidelines and create a personal resume.  Second, you’ll need to go to the counseling office and request 3 copies of your official transcript.

Game Design Project

Build a custom game in the Makerspace

The Engineering Design Process

The Design Brief

The engineering part of our work this unit is to design, plan, and build a personalized version of some board game.  In the past, students have made a 3D checkers game, someone made a fancy version of Break Out, someone worked on a custom croquet set, and someone else even worked on a velcro-vest Operation game.  Here, you get to pick your own game to create!

As part of this, we’ll focus heavily on the Design Brief.  A design brief is used to define an engineering problem.  Watch the “Design Brief” video while taking a full page of notes.  Then, create a complete design brief in your engineering notebook that clarifies your game design project, its criteria, and its constraints.

Then, we’ll get to building!  You get to brainstorm, design, and build your own custom game using at least three machines in the Makerspace.  Make a good plan for getting your work done, and don’t forget your college tasks.


Engineering Design Brief

Mr. Benshoof’s approval of the design brief

 Build your game!

 Document your engineering process

 Have Mr. Benshoof check-off your completed project

The Design Brief

Building Your Game


What’s Due In Game Design

  • Design Brief
  • Mr. Benshoof’s Approval
  • Build Your Game
  • Documentation
  • Mr. Benshoof’s Check-off

Here’s what’s due in Game Design

  1. Engineering Design Brief
  2.  Mr. Benshoof’s Approval
  3. Build your game!
  4.  Documentation
  5.  Mr. Benshoof’s Check-off

College Tasks

Prepare for college admissions & scholarships

The Personal Resume

 Personal Resume Template

A small but important part of our course will be putting together some items that will make college applications and scholarship applications easier.  The sooner you start making progress on the college process the better!  In each unit you’ll be doing important engineering work, and will probably spend the majority of your class time on engineering projects.  However, the college tasks ALSO need to happen during that time.  The most successful students have treated the college tasks as homework, and the engineering work as classwork.

For this first unit, you need to watch the personal resume video and then create a personal resume.  You also need to go (physically) to the counseling office and request 3 copies of your official transcript.  As you start applying for some scholarships and college admissions, you will be asked to include a resume and official transcript.  It’s also useful to have a resume to give to potential references when you ask them to write you letters of recommendation.


 Watch video on the “Personal Resume”

 Brainstorm things that might go on your personal resume

 Develop a personal resume in Microsoft Word

 Request Official Transcripts

 Have Mr. Benshoof edit your resume and check-off your tasks

What’s Due In College Tasks

  • Personal Resume
  • Official Transcripts
  • Mr. Benshoof’s Edits & Check-off

Here’s what’s due in College Tasks

  1. Brainstorm Your Achievements
  2. Develop Your Personal Resume in Word
  3. Request Official Transcripts
  4. Have Mr. Benshoof Edit & Check-Off Resume

Double Check: Unit Expectations

Check what you need to have completed by the unit deadline

The purpose of this unit is to get you back into the Makerspace and building something fun.  We’ll focus on the design brief in order to emphasize the importance of clearly defining your problem, and then we’ll get the chance to combine the tools in our lab to make a board game!  In addition, we’re going to start the college work tasks with a resume and transcripts.

Engineering Notebook:

(Game Design) You should have taken 1 full page of notes on how to make a good design brief

(Game Design) You should have created a complete design brief for your game design project

(Game Design) You should have documented the rest of your design with pictures, comments, ideas, etc.  There’s no such thing as ‘too much documentation’.

(College Tasks) You should have a full page of notes & brainstorming

Building & Making:

(Game Design) You should have built your game completely by the due date

(College Tasks) You should have requested 5 official transcripts from the counseling office

Checkpoints & Quizzes:

(Game Design) You should have Mr. Benshoof approve your design brief

(Game Design) Mr. Benshoof needs to check-off your finished game

 (College Tasks) Mr. Benshoof should edit your resume and check-off your collected transcripts