EDD Capstone: The Ehnert Prize

Final prototype, business plan, and Ehnert Prize Presentations


Having spent the semester developing a strong understanding of the engineering principles driving your problem and prototype, it’s time to make one final version of the prototype.  Here you get to involve yourself fully in the building process as you create a final version of your prototype.  You’ll also create a small business plan, and develop a presentation on your process for the Ehnert Prize competition!  As you work through the final phase of this project, you will be expected to:

  • Create one last prototype incorporating all your refinements and improvements
  • Develop a presentation for the Ehnert Prize competition
  • Compete in the Ehnert Prize competition

When you’re done you will have completed your senior capstone engineering project!  You will have developed your last (and presumably best) prototype, and you will have presented your engineering work to a panel of engineers. 


(70 pts) About 10 days

You get to start the process once again with a design and diagram that incorporates the improvements you’ve identified along the way.  You’ll create one last prototype that will represent the conclusion of your redesign process!


(30 pts) About 3 days

You’ll also put together one last presentation.  While the last one focused mostly on your research, this one will focus mostly on the engineering design process.  This presentation will be used in the 2018 Ehnert Prize Competition being held on Saturday, April 28, 2018!


Design and build your final prototype

The Final Prototype

It’s been a long semester and you’ve gone through multiple versions of your prototype.  It’s time to take all your best ideas from your previous versions, from your feedback, and from your brainstorming in order to create the best prototype you can.  You get lots of time on this one, so we’ll go through the whole process.

First, brainstorm the improvements you want to make in this last version as well as the great elements you want to maintain from the last prototype.  Then, we’ll make one more careful diagram and building plan.  Then, build your last prototype in the makerspace!


Brainstorm the best of the best ideas to incorporate into this last prototype

 Redesign and redraw your prototype diagram before building

Build your final prototype!

 Have Mr. Benshoof check-off your completed final prototype

What’s Due In Capstone: The Project

  • Best Ideas
  • Redesign & Redraw
  • Final Prototype
  • Mr. Benshoof’s Check-off

Here’s what’s due in Capstone: The Project

  1. You should have complied a list of the best ideas you’ve had or heard so far in the development process
  2. You should have redrawn the diagram for your prototype
  3. You should have built one final prototype
  4. You should have had Mr. Benshoof check-off your completed final prototype


Share your engineering process in the Ehnert Prize Competition

The Presentation

Earlier in the semester you put a lot of time into a presentation on your engineering research.  Now, it’s time to shift your focus to a presentation on your engineering process.  In this part of the unit – to be done after your final prototype is complete – you’ll walk the audience through the entirety of your design process.

A good engineering process presentation follows the design process.  You’ll start by defining the problem, criteria, and constraints.  You can then discuss ideas already in-place, and ideas you had before starting building.  Then you get to show off the many prototypes and iterations you went through in developing your solution.  Be sure to emphasize process and the idea of iterative improvements.  The presentations you put together here will be given to your engineering class, as well as to a panel of Fairbanks-based engineers and Lathrop graduates on Saturday, April 28!


Develop a presentation of your engineering design process

 Give your presentation to your engineering class

 Give your presentation for the Ehnert Prize on Saturday, April 28

 Have Mr. Benshoof confirm your presentations

What’s Due In Capstone: The Presentation

  • Create the Presentation
  • Present in Class
  • Ehnert Prize
  • Mr. Benshoof’s Confirmation

Here’s what’s due in Capstone: The Presentation

  1. Develop a presentation on your engineering process
  2. Give your presentation for your engineering class
  3. Give your presentation for the Ehnert Prize Competition
  4. Have Mr. Benshoof confirm your presentations

Double Check: Unit Expectations

Check what you need to have completed by the unit deadline

This final phase of your Senior Capstone Project is to put together one last super-awesome prototype, and to give a presentation on the engineering process you went through.  By now you should have 3 or 4 prototypes complete, and lots of feedback on what’s good about them, and what needs improvement.  You get to take all this feedback and combine it with your own great ideas to make the best prototype yet.  You’ll follow all the regular steps to redesign your prototype and rebuild once more.

Next, we need to tackle the sixth step in the engineering design process once again: communicate.  At the end of all your engineering work you’ll need to present your process to a group of people.  Sometimes it’s a group of peers, students, employers, or investors.  Whomever the group is, it’s essential that you have a polished presentation on your engineering process.  To end this unit, you’ll create a presentation and deliver it to your engineering class as well as the panel of judges for the Ehnert Prize competition.

We also have one last round of scholarships to get together.  Make sure that all of your essays and documents are in order and submitted by the proper deadline!

Engineering Notebook:

(Capstone Project) You should have compiled your feedback and brainstormed changes for your prototype in your engineering notebook

(Capstone Project) You should have redrawn a diagram of your prototype and what you want to build

(Capstone Presentation) You should have planned out your presentation to follow the engineering design process laid out in your engineering notebook

Building & Making:

 (Capstone Project) You should have built one final prototype!

(Capstone Presentation) You should have created a presentation on your engineering process

(Capstone Presentation) You should have given your presentation to your engineering class and the Ehnert Prize judges

Checkpoints & Quizzes:

(Capstone Project) You should have had Mr. Benshoof check-off your final prototype

(Capstone Presentation) Mr. Benshoof should have confirmed your presentations

(College Tasks) Have Mr. Benshoof confirm your completed applications