AP Computer Science

Welcome to Lathrop’s Introduction to Engineering & Robotics course!  For most students, this is their first engineering course here at Lathrop.  Throughout the year we will learn about the Engineering Design Process and apply it in the creation of various robots.  We’ll also have the time to get trained on using all of the equipment in Lathrop’s Makerspace.


Cool Robotics Links

 2017 Course Syllabus

 FTC Robotics Program

 FTC TIMS Team System

Engineering & Robotics Units

Unit 1: Mr. BlockMan

Unit 2: Engineering Design Process

Unit 3: LEGO Robots

Unit 4: FTC Robotics

Unit 5: Machines

Unit 6: Individual Mini-Projects

Unit 7: FTC Robotics 2

Unit 8: Engineering Principles

Unit 9: FTC Robotics 3

Unit 10: Arduino

Unit 11: Bug Bots

Unit 12: Individual Projects